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Head of Finance and Company Operations

Unleash live

Unleash live

Accounting & Finance, Operations
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Posted on Monday, March 4, 2024


  • Contribute actively to all discussions and decisions at the senior leadership level of Unleash live;

  • Provide sound financial insights to senior leadership, CEO and the Board to aid critical decisions across the business, drive revenue and customer acquisition/retention and optimize pricing strategy;

  • Hunt and advocate for company growth opportunities, whilst intelligently deploying finite Company resources;

  • Manage multiple stakeholder groups and be the external-facing Company representative for the finance function;

  • Play a key role in securing equity funds and communicating with investors


  • Report directly to the board on accounting, finance, tax and operational matters;

  • Develop and oversee the financial planning and reporting for the organization;

  • Directing budgeting and cash flow modeling;

  • Develop global income / sales tax and transfer pricing strategy;

  • Establish the financial and governance systems that will underpin rapid customer and team expansion in the US;

  • Partner with the Sales function to ensure the business has the appropriate eCommerce capability to drive sales, user growth and customer engagement;

  • Oversee any financial analysis required by other departments;

  • Maintain awareness of internal and external financial and economic trends, changes in financial management practices and standards within the ICT sector;

  • Ensure the finance team implements the appropriate tools to effectively scale the finance function as the Company grows including automating where possible;

  • Identifying need for and overseeing implementation of new accounting policies in line with GAAP;

  • Overseeing customer procurement in partnership with the Head of Sales Ops.


  • Overseeing the internal Operations function at the company in the short-term absence of a dedicated Operations leadership function, including premises relationships and processes, planning for potential premises change and set up, IT oversight, internal process & communication optimisation;

  • Overseeing the People function at the company in the short-term absence of a dedicated People leadership position, including recruitment, offers, JDs, onboarding, offboarding, performance review and management, people-related ISO requirements, culture and social initiatives;

  • Managing relationship with company legal representation in partnership with the CEO;

  • Working with external legal counsel when setting up new overseas entities;

  • Working with external legal counsel to oversee the maintenance and management of the cap table, data room and contracts/NDAs;

  • Working with external legal counsel to oversee the custody and protection of company IP;

  • Overseeing the planning of company business insurance requirements;

  • Involvement in company-wide compensation and incentive planning to ensure Company goal alignment;

  • Lead and grow a high-performing finance, people and operations team. Currently one direct report;

  • Coach and mentor direct reports to support their professional success and development goals.